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art brokolo
12 december 2006
1 art brokolo
2 dambira (lesson in progress)
3 jam:plan
4 too small to succeed
5 too desperate to fail
6 crimson
7 re[turn]

* art brokolo: sample from david lynch'"lost highway"
* dambira: sample from david cronenberg's "crash"
* jam:plan: sample from quentin tarantino's "reservoir dogs"
* re[turn]: sample from cohen bros "blood simple"
* crimson: sample from ornette coleman quartet "embraceable you"

day 4 | urban fiction
15 nov 2007


cognac or brandy
21 september 2005

1 cognac or brandy
2 barada
3 beerla

* barada: sound sample from wim wenters' "wings of desire"
* beerla: voice sample from alan parkers' "angel heart"

muzzle the birds
13 november 2005

1 neon lights
2 sad story
3 jean baptiste grenouille fake the aroma
4 prozac nation
5 frank zappa needs haircut
6 00
7 in vortex

* prozac nation: main theme on the short-length movie "one step forward" directed by christiana tsiouma
* 00: sound sample from federico fellini's "prova d'orchestra"

another slice?
25 march 2006

1 art brokolo
2 oo
3 in vortex
4 slow riot
5 sad story
6 barada
7 frank zappa needs haircut
8 beerla

* art brokolo: voice sample from david lynch's "lost highway"
* slow riot: voice sample from dave finchers' "fight club"

02 september 2007

1 pink noise
2 melt
3 loner
4 jean baptiste was scentless
5 dambira [remix]
6 weather changes
7 over the hill
8 living upstairs

* pink noise: piano sample from david lynch's "blue velvet"
* melt: sample from jean luc goddard's "pierrot le fou"
chainsaw sample from tobe hooper's "the texas chainsaw massacre"
* dambira: sample from david cronenberg's "crash"
* weather changes: voice sample from bbc documentary "wild weather"
* over the hill: part of barry brailsford interview by diane m cooper
* living upstairs: sample from dimitri mitropanos' "alimono"

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